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Who is Susie Zhao (Poker Player Found Dead) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Susie Zhao, 33, was last seen around 5:30 p.M. On July 12 by her mother, the White Lake Township Police Department

Susie Zhao (Poker Player Found Dead) Wiki – Susie Zhao (Poker Player Found Dead) Biography

Susie Zhao, 33, was last seen around 5:30 p.M. On July 12 by her mother, the White Lake Township Police Department. The next day, her “badly burned” body was discovered at around 8:05 a.M. In a parking lot near the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, about an hour outside of Detroit.
The corpse of police professional poker player Susie Zhao confirmed that she was in a Michigan park on Monday. He was 33 years old.
Police found a charred body in a park on the outskirts of Detroit on Monday. After taking their fingerprints, they described this body as Zhaos. Zhao is believed to have died on the night of July 12. The White Lake District Police Department treats Zhao’s death as murder. The police want more information than anyone who might have interacted with Zhao before his death.
Known as the “Susie Q” in the poker world, Zhao played in various tournaments and high-stakes games.
Zhao also played in the World Series of Poker main event, one of the biggest and most popular events in the game.
The police are trying to determine whether Zhao’s death is related to his profession. The White Lake County Police Department is working with the FBI to resolve the case.
“You have to determine if this is cover up, or there may be some kind of retaliation because of his profession,” White Lake Township Detective Chris Hild said at a press conference Wednesday.
Authorities are struggling to understand the motive behind his “mysterious death” and asking witnesses who may have seen the professional poker player known as “Poker Susie” during his lost hours. This week the FBI joined the local authorities in the investigation.
Oakland County Medical Exam spokesperson told The Daily Beast that the cause of Zhao’s death is currently unknown and awaits autopsy and toxicology results.
Kinga, who has been with Zhao since grade 6, told The Daily Beast that Zhao was jumping between many cities, including Los Angeles, Vegas and Florida, and is both for his job and for being a “jet-setter.”
According to PokerNews.Com, Zhao was successful in the world of professional workers and collected a few deep runs at the World Series of Poker Main Event – earning $ 75,805 in 90th place in 2012.
“I don’t think there’s anything else he wants to do. He was playing poker at a very young age, ”he said. Meredith Rogowski, another childhood friend, told The Daily Beast. “This was no surprise. He was very brave and did everything he wanted to do. Whenever we talked about her work, she was very cool. But I know being in that world is tiring – it was long hours, and some of the people he met were not always real. ”
“He was one of the most bubbly and lively rivals I have ever had,” said Clayton Fletcher, an actress who has been playing with Zhao for more than five years. He was a very strong player who liked to have fun at the table. ”
Throughout his career, Zhao made $ 224,671, according to the Hendon Mob poker database. But despite his success, he recently moved to Michigan on June 9.
Kinga stressed that “the hardest part of all this” does not know what happened to his friend. Describing Zhao as “entertaining, outgoing, positive and bubbly”, Kinga said that he could not trust the negative memories of the 33-year-old child even with one hand.
“He valued friendship and valued the family and always remained true to himself. He always had his own style, his own thing – I think people loved him in poker. He wore his hats and jewelry, and this has always been his job, ”said Kinga.
“I wish I had a clue about what’s going on. We just want fast justice and closing, ”he added.
Zhao was one of the few female players to compete on the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports Net. He played at a Tour event last August.
His body was discovered on July 13. Local police went public this week with Zhao’s identity to unravel the mystery surrounding her death.
“During the last few days before his death, we started looking at his past history. At this point, we determined that we asked the FBI to help some technologies to help us. “Said. He then asked the public for help with the case. “Even if you think there is something per minute, we will have any phone calls,” he said.
“We look at every tip, every possibility,” the detective continued. “Obviously you have the potential to borrow when dealing with this type of profession, and these are what we are looking for.”
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Police said they were investigating “cover up or some kind of retaliation”, but nothing definitive.
At the press conference, their childhood friends remembered the poker player as a “non-dramatic … positive … bright” woman who “lived a fascinating life”.
Professional poker player Bart Hanson called Zhao “a real kind soul”.

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