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Who is Rebecca Wyckoff (Fiery Plane Crash Victim) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & More Facts

Rebecca Wyckoff is the wife of pilot Lee Wyckoff who was died in Fiery Plane Crash. He is 36 years old and her 9-month baby daughter Coral Wyckoff

Rebecca Wyckoff (Fiery Plane Crash Victim) Wiki – Rebecca Wyckoff (Fiery Plane Crash Victim) Biography

Rebecca Wyckoff is the wife of pilot Lee Wyckoff who was died in Fiery Plane Crash. He is 36 years old and her 9-month baby daughter Coral Wyckoff was also killed in the crash. She was rushed to hospital in critical condition.
The pilot, 43-year-old Lee Wyckoff, and his 9-month-old daughter, Coral Wyckoff, were killed. Wife and mother Rebecca Wyckoff, 36, was in critical condition.
Police have identified those who were injured or killed when a plane crashed into a West Jordan neighborhood Saturday afternoon.
The three who were killed in the accident are Lee Wyckoff, age 43, who was also the pilot, Coral Wyckoff, a 9-month-old child, and Milda Shibonis, age 36.
Survivors include Rebecca Wyckoff, age 36, who is listed in critical condition, Cody Mitchell, age 2, who has critical burns on arms and legs, Veda Sheperd, age 12, who reportedly walked away from the crash, and Mary Quintana, age 72, the resident of the home which was hit by the plane. She is currently listed in critical condition.
There were six people on the plane, and at least three died: a male pilot, a woman, and a 9-month-old boy.
As of Saturday evening, another female passenger was in critical condition, and a 2-year-old boy was stable in a local hospital, while a 12-year-old passenger was treated and released, according to the newspaper.
An old woman in one of the houses was also seriously injured. One of the damaged houses reportedly set fire.
The single engine aircraft, a Piper PA-32, crashed at 13:30 in Western Jordan. According to the report after taking off from South Valley Regional Airport on Saturday.
According to KSL-TV, residents at the scene of the accident immediately responded and helped the victims.
“Everyone was panicked,” Emily Acosta said to the television channel. “Many people were trying to help, it was chaotic.”
Laura Michelle Lyons told the television station what he saw after running to the plane after the accident.
“It was a family, it was a family. The mother on the plane stumbled with her little baby, ”Lyons said to the TV channel. “He was loose in his arms.”
“And you saw that a 2-year-old boy was holding the teddy bear and he just burned,” Lyons added. “It’s hard to see that little boy holding his bear, and the mother was lying there, and the mother fought for her babies.”
Neighboring Alyssa Cigarroa told Salt Lake Tribune that she heard a plane flying near her home on Saturday afternoon. But then he heard an accident that rocked the house.
Cigarroa told the newspaper that after seeing black smoke, he received a first aid kit and ran towards the scene. In his newspaper, he said that the victims had “high-pitched cries” and all their smoke.
Cigarroa, who is in the nursing school, told the newspaper that he helped some victims by filling the wounds with gauze before the medics arrived.
Another neighbor, Veronica Taylor, told the newspaper that the plane was flying “super low” before it crashed. The plane was loud and made noises suggesting engine problems.
“Then, all of a sudden, he disappeared from my sight,” said Taylor, adding to the newspaper that he soon saw “a feather of big flame and a big smoke.”
The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transport Safety Board are investigating the accident.
The authorities have not yet revealed the identities of the victims.

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