The Tunisian Journalists Syndicate is suing Nidaa Tounes over accusations of British funding

Nidaa Tounes

The Tunisian Journalists Syndicate accused leaders of the “Nidaa Tounes” party of launching a campaign against the union to denigrate their opponents, and members of the board of directors announced that they are in the process of filing lawsuits against those who prove their involvement, whether party leaders or others.

At a time when the British Embassy in Tunisia denied, yesterday, Friday, July 5, what was circulated by the Tunisian media, quoting the British newspaper “The Guardian”, regarding Britain’s funding of a counter-campaign to popular protests, some Tunisian newspapers published a list of journalists and members of the Syndicate Council The National Tunisian Journalists claimed that they received funding from the British Embassy to support Youssef

For his part, Ziad Dabar, a member of the Executive Office of the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists, said today, Saturday, July 7, that there are initial suspicions about leaders of the ruling “Nidaa Tounes” party behind a campaign to smear Tunisian journalists, especially those who oppose the authority.

He added, in exclusive statements to ” Sputnik “, that these leaders passed a fake news to some newspapers claiming that journalists, including the head of the Journalists Syndicate , Naji Al-Bghouri, and a number of board members are whitewashing the face of the prime minister and opposing the social protests of the Tunisian people, in a move to distort the opposition.

Debar revealed that the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists will file lawsuits against the leaders of the “Nidaa Tounes” party , next Monday, in response to this systematic campaign to weaken the opposition.

Tunisian newspapers, according to a security source , published a list of journalists who said they had received money from the British Embassy in Tunisia to support the government and betray the protesters.

Chahed’s government against popular protests.