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Who is Michael Reinoehl? (Investigated in Aaron Danielson’s Shooting Death) bio, wiki, age, Family, Twitter, Instagram

Who is Michael Reinoehl? (Investigated in Aaron Danielson’s Shooting Death) bio, wiki

Michael Reinoehl, an Oregon man who attended Black Lives Matter demonstrations and railed against President Donald Trump and the police in expletive-laden posts, was named by a major Oregon newspaper as the man under investigation in the shooting death of Aaron Danielson, the man who was shot and killed in Portland after a pro-Trump caravan broke down. The victim was affiliated with a conservative group called Patriot Prayer, which has engaged in counter-demonstrations, and he was helping the caravan with security.

Oregon Live named the suspect Michael Forest Reinoehl. Reinoehl wrote on Instagram eight weeks ago: “The lives of happy blacks matter! #blacklivesmatter #breonnataylor #anewnation. On July 4th, he shared a video of a show that read “F *** Donald Trump #blacklivesmatter #breonnataylor #anewnation” on Instagram. The video has the slogans “F *** Donald Trump”. Another photo on Instagram showed the demonstrator of a charter that read “No Gestapo”. Reinoehl wrote, “😂 replaced the statue.”

Reinoehl, 48, showed a “war wound” from a demonstration in her Instagram photo. Multiple photos show protests and riots. “Juneteenth Portland Oregon #f *** thepolis #blaklivesmatter,” she wrote with a picture. “Don’t put your hands up!” wrote with someone else. “Make sure you stock up on condoms, as Elmo says it’s time to ruin the system,” said another post.

According to a Patriot Prayer leader and an Oregon newspaper, Danielson, also referred to by some as Jay Bishop, was described as the man who was shot dead after the caravan broke down in Portland, Oregon. He was attached to the Patriotic Prayer and wore a hat with his name when he was shot. President Donald Trump retweeted a post named Danielson “Jay Bishop”.

You can see photos and videos of the death shot in this story, but remember these are very graphic and disturbing.

Graphic photographs have emerged showing Danielson’s body at the scene. Warn in advance that the pictures are too disturbing. Also disturbing is a video of Danielson shooting at close range as he walks down the street, and another video shows people looking at Danielson. You can watch these below, but they are highly graphic.

There is a lot of confusion about the victim’s name. A video shows a person who meets Danielson and refers to him as “Jay”. There is a lot of confusion in social media about different names; however, he is referred to as Jay by Aaron “Jay” Danielson in a certified GoFundMe and a friend in a graphic video on the scene. Some on social media claimed that he used a pseudonym to protect himself from Antifa, although it was not verified. Confusing issues, people share the criminal history of a different Jay Bishop who was not the man who died. A fake GoFundMe account in the name of Jay Bishop was removed, which further confused people. While it’s clear that he used the name Jay occasionally, it is unclear whether he used Bishop before.

Who is Aaron Danielson? (Portland Shooting Victim ‘Jay Bishop’)

There is a lot of confusion about the victim’s name. A video shows a person running into Danielson and referring to him as “Jay”. There has been a lot of confusion over different names on social media; however, he is referred to as Aaron “Jay” Danielson in a certified GoFundMe and as Jay by a friend in a graphic video on the scene. Some on social media claimed that he used a pseudonym to protect himself from Antifa, although it was not verified. Confusing issues, people share the criminal history of a different Jay Bishop who was not the man who died. A fake GoFundMe account was removed in Jay Bishop’s name, which made people more confused. While it’s clear that he occasionally used the name Jay, it is unclear if he ever used Bishop.

According to Oregon Live, “fights broke out” after the caravan broke down. The newspaper described Bishop as “friend and supporter” of the Vancouver-based Patriot Prayer, and The New York Times described him as “affiliated with a right-wing group”. The newspaper described the organization as “a right-wing organization that has organized regular protests in Portland for years”.

Portland has been the focus of the unrest since George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. Clashes between President Donald Trump and local officials over the presence of federal law enforcement in the city made headlines. Danielson’s death caused a verbal conflict between Trump and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler over who to blame.

Danielson may have “used some type of mace or pepper spray” before he was shot, according to Oregon Live. It is unclear what triggered the conflict. Some photos showed a tattoo on the body of the gunman. Police did not formally reveal Reinoehl’s name or identify him as a suspect. The Oregon newspaper stayed out, saying it was under investigation. The newspaper said that his sister identified Reinoehl as armed from the screenshots circulating around.

Reinoehl was first identified by online message boards.

According to the Portland Tribune, Danielson “arrived with an associate hours earlier at a suburban mall in order to offer make-shift security services for the caravan of Trump supporters.” The newspaper described that associate as Chandler Pappas. They were “both wearing matching Patriot Prayer hats, visibly armed with paint ball guns, knives and bearing other tactical gear,” according to the newspaper.

The man believed to be Danielson said in an interview, according to that newspaper, “We’re all about independent journalism. Andy Ngo has been assaulted for being an independent journalist, he’s not even right-leaning. The Overton Window has been pushed so far to the left, that like normalcy seems…” he was then cut off. The newspaper described the Overton Window as “a concept used in political theory to describe the range of ideas acceptable in public discourse.”

According to Portland Tribune, Pappas showed up with a paintball gun at a “dueling counter protest” at Gresham City Hall three days before and said, “I came here ready for war…I’ll drop you on your f—–g head.”

According to Oregon Live, Reinoehl was previously accused of “carrying a loaded gun at an earlier downtown Portland protest.” Specifically, the newspaper reported, on July 5, he was “cited at 2:10 a.m. in the 700 block of Southwest Main Street on allegations of possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police.” The accusations were dropped.

The newspaper reported that he said in a video interview with Bloomberg QuickTake News that he was “a professional snowboarder and contractor who has former military experience but ‘hated’ his time in the Army.”

Joey Gibson, of the group Patriot Prayer with which the victim was affiliated, wrote on Facebook, “I am getting a lot of questions so I thought I would make this post. 1st- We love Jay and he had such a huge heart. God bless him and the life he lived. 2nd-I am going to wait to make any public statements until after the family can. 3rd- If you planned on going to the boat cruise, please go! I know that Jay would love to look down from heaven and see tons of American flags on the Columbia river today. I will not be attending but I hope all of you enjoy yourselves out there. Fly them high for Jay. God Bless all of you.”

Patriot Prayer has made the news before.

In January 2019, according to Oregon Live, police clarified that they found three rifles in a case on top of a downtown garage before a protest. The mayor had referred to it as a “cache of guns” and said they were tied to Patriot Prayer.

On July 3, Reinoehl shared a text message that said, “Hey Mike, I’ve been getting word from a Patriot group on Facebook that the 4th of July, they are taking back the cities. They might probably are hostile w arms. Watch your and your friends back and don’t get cought (sic) in a crossfire.”

The suspect filled his Facebook page with pictures of kids and artwork. He wrote that his son was “ready for some urban snowboarding.” Another picture was labeled, “Sunrise this morning downtown Portland.”

One photo was captioned, “I just couldn’t resist having a little Mary Jane tonight.” Along with a picture of him snowboarding, his son wrote, “my dad rocks.” Another caption read, “I got to take my son to go see Airborne Toxic Event that was awesome.”

However, it’s on Instagram where he’s recently gone very political, filling his page with Black Lives Matter declarations and demonstrations and making angry statements against the police and Trump.

“Snowboarder for deviation ski and snowboards AKA best custom boards on the planet,” he wrote on his Instagram profile. He declared with one protest photo, “peacefully educating and celebrating. downtown PDX.”

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