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Who is Kyle Rittenhouse? (kenosha shooting Suspect Arrested) Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Kyle Rittenhouse kenosha shooting Suspect Shooter Arrested, police

Who is Kyle Rittenhouse? (kenosha shooting Suspect Arrested) Wiki, Biography

Kyle Rittenhouse, an Antioch, Illinois, teenage supporter of police who filled his Facebook page with pictures of guns and police advocacy, was named as an accused shooter in the chaotic series of shootings that unfolded at a Kenosha, Wisconsin, demonstration over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Media has confirmed via Illinois court records that Rittenhouse is in custody in Illinois, where he is accused of being a fugitive from justice. The records say he is also accused of first-degree intentional homicide in Kenosha.

The name of Rittenhouse, who is widely shared on social media as the man in the green shirt who opened fire after being chased on the street, appears in the court records. The media received a court record from Lake County Courts in Illinois confirming that 17 Kyle Rittenhouse in Antakya was charged in Kenosha County courts in Wisconsin State with “first degree intentional murder.” He is accused of “fleeing the State of Wisconsin in order to avoid prosecution for this crime” in an arrest warrant. The document was filed on August 26. His family’s lawyer, Blake, 29, survived a previous fever from Kenosha police and said he was paralyzed.


At one point, Rittenhouse walked toward authorities with his hands up. An eyewitness told media she saw that scene directly. However, Rittenhouse was able to leave the area. When asked how that could have happened, Kenosha County Sheriff Dave Beth said in a news conference that an officer may not have been aware what exactly was going on, saying, “There was screaming, there’s hollering, there’s chanting, there’s a squad car running, there’s (police vehicles) idling. If the officer happened to be in the car, the radio traffic was nonstop.”


Some on social media say he goes by the name Kyle Lewis. That is his mother’s last name, but court records use Kyle Rittenhouse.


According to court records, he is only 17. Witnesses told media at the scene that he was with a group of white males who came to Kenosha to defend property after Black Lives Matter protesters caused a series of arson fires and other property damage throughout the city. In one instance, an officer was struck with a brick. A call for armed citizens to defend people and property then went out on social media, although Kenosha police have not yet confirmed which group Rittenhouse was associated with if any. Dramatic photos from the scene show him being struck by a man with a skateboard at one point in the sequence of events that saw a man now accused of being Rittenhouse being chased down the street before opening fire.


The shootings erupted the evening of August 25 as demonstrators and counter-demonstrators milled in the streets and were pushed back from a park and courthouse by authorities. A series of clashes unfolded, and witnesses and videos show several different incidents of gunfire erupting in sequence. Witnesses and dispatch audio indicated there might be more than one shooter. Rittenhouse is the only accused shooter named so far.


Two people died and a third was shot during demonstrations in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shortly before midnight on August 25 in what witnesses and videos indicate was a chaotic series of shootings in the street. Graphic videos show a victim lying on the ground with a head injury. A person in the video claims that Rittenhouse was shouting that he wasn’t the shooter before falling to the ground and opening fire.


The unrest sparked after Blake, 29, was shot and paralyzed by a Kenosha police officer in an incident still under investigation. A video showing that shooting went viral.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the victims are “a 26-year-old man from the Kenosha County community of Silver Lake and a 36-year-old Kenosha man. A 26-year-old West Allis man was wounded.” Loved ones identified one of the deceased victims as Anthony Huber and said he died a hero trying to stop the gunman.


Videos and witnesses described a confusing scene with multiple eruptions of gunfire. At one point, videos and witnesses reveal, a white man in a green shirt ran down the street shouting that he wasn’t the shooter as people chased him. Several witnesses told he was struck by someone with a skateboard and fell to the ground, with a gun in his hand, firing. People said they heard multiple guns going off. It appeared there was a shooting before the chase. Three witnesses told  that the original shooter was a person in a helmet and bulletproof vest and wasn’t the same man being chased. They said the initial shooting ignited when the man, who was white, argued with Black Lives Matter protesters because they had lit fires in the area. Pictures of the man in the green shirt circulated widely on social media as people tried to identify him.





“Down at the end of the block, there’s another victim. There’s a loaded handgun in the road right here,” a man says in one of the videos, which you can see later in the story.

“Multiple gunshots are fired after people chased a guy with a rifle. Rifle dude tripped and fell. He fired his gun at a guy who jumped on top of him,” Julio Rosas, a journalist with, wrote.


In a video by CJ TV, the shooting breaks out around 7 minutes into the video, which you can see above. The narrator says a man’s arm was “blown off” at one point in the video. One shooter shot two people, the narrator says. He refers to the man in the green shirt as being one of the “militia” people.

In the beginning of that video, the protesters go to check out a tire fire. At that point, gunshots ring out. “Those are gunshots down there,” the narrator says and starts running. People start shouting for a medic. A garbage can is lying in the middle of the street, turned over.

Then, the man in a green shirt runs down the middle of the street carrying a long gun. “They’re going to beat him up,” someone says. More gunshots erupt.

“Oh s*** he just shot that guy in the stomach,” the narrator says. “S***, people are getting shot all around us.”

The accused shooter, Rittenhouse, is wearing a green shirt with a backward baseball cap and running with a long gun. People give chase. More gunshots erupt. “I didn’t f****** do it,” someone shouts.

A man is bleeding from his right arm and people grab a tourniquet. “That guy was directly in front of me and I watched him shoot two people,” the narrator says.

One live stream by Andrew Mercado shows people congregating at a gas station before gunfire breaks out down the street. “People are just shooting. Oh my God,” Mercado says. Be aware that the language in the video is graphic.

“Oh my f****** Christ God, he says. “Oh s***, that’s gunshots. They’re shooting.” The gunshots break out at 3 hours and 40 minutes into the video above. Right before the shooting, Mercado says, “It looks like the town is kicking the people out. These are community members here.” Multiple gunshots ring out. “Shots fired. That’s real gunfire. Just passing 61st Street,” he says.

“Somebody’s hurt,” a man shouts.

“There’s still gunshots in the city. They’re shooting,” says Mercado. People run down the street.

“That’s not the shooter,” he says at another point. “Now he’s on the ground. He’s shooting, he’s shooting, he’s shooting. Get down. Get down.” More gunshots ring out.

“People down, shots are fired.”

More shots ring out in the video.

There is a fire burning on the street.

There is confusion about the man people are chasing. “He got hit in the head and dude he just shot. He had a gun in his hand,” Mercado said.

“This is getting too much,” another man told him. “Another person got shot point blank right down the street.”

A white man with a weapon in a baseball hat was interviewed. “We came out initially to protect the property here. Things got a little rowdy,” he said. “We were able to calm it down. We were then trying to provide medical aid to protesters.” He said people had various injuries including a “gunshot to the arm.”

“We don’t know who, what or why, someone approached someone with a gun and shot,” the man said, adding that two people were shot, possibly a third. The accused shooter kept saying, “I didn’t shoot anybody.” He had a medic bag on his back.

Julio Rosas, TownHall reporter, described a series of conflicts between armed citizens and demonstrators.

He reported that “rioters are getting into confrontations with armed citizens who are out here to prevent looting and destruction to businesses.” Three witnesses told that they believed at least one of the shooters was part of one of those armed citizen groups; they described the group as “All Lives Matter” in focus, saying one of its members was wearing a shirt with that slogan, but that was not the shooter.

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