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Congressman John Lewis, whose funeral was taking place in Atlanta today. Over sixty leaders of the Irish American community have signed on to a letter mourning the death of Congressman John Lewis

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Congressman John Lewis, whose funeral was taking place in Atlanta today. Over sixty leaders of the Irish American community have signed on to a letter mourning the death of Congressman John Lewis and have called on Irish America not to sit on the sidelines as America seeks to end racial discrimination.

John Lewis was a kind man, but a speaker. On Monday, for the last time, his brave voice echoed in the halls of Capitol and stopped anyone who heard him.

When Lewis’s recording ended, House speaker Nancy Pelosi replaced and applauded Rotunda. Then Pelosi stood up again and everyone followed him. In a perfect circle, the guests kept the coffins covered in the Stars and Stripes in a black catafalk in the middle.

They had come to say goodbye to the “Congress conscience”, who had been serving in the House of Representatives for 33 years. Lewis died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 80 on July 17. The ruins on Sunday made one last trip on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, and winged for civil rights in 1965.

On Monday, the coffin arrived in Washington and made four touching stops: the Martin Luther King monument, the Lincoln Memorial (where Washington was the youngest speaker in March in March), the Smithsonian National African American Museum of History and Culture (one of its great legacies). project) and the new Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House recognized a movement that gave his career a perfect symmetry. The police hailed as they passed the funeral car.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and South Carolina senator Tim Scott placed a wreath in the coffin of late congressman John Lewis. Photo: Getty Images
Then the casket solemnly carried out the US Capitol steps. Growing up on a farm in rural Alabama in the south of Jim Crow, Lewis became the first Congressman to lie in the state of the US Capitol rot based on a catafalse previously used for Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan. and high court justice Thurgood Marshall.

The paradoxes of the American experiment, the sculptures of slave presidents George Washington and Andrew Jackson, and the busts of civil rights leader King were explored in the magnificent building built with enslavement.

Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell suggested a tribute. “The original sin of America’s slavery was allowed to become inflamed for a very long time,” he said. “He left a long awakening of pain, violence, and breakage, with great effort to deal with the great heroes.

“John’s friend Dr Martin Luther King Jr is famous,” the bow of the moral universe is long but leaning towards justice, “he said. However, this is never automatic. History only leaned towards the right thing because people like John paid a price to help twist. ”

McConnell is currently extending the renamed John Lewis Voting Rights Act and preventing Donald Trump from voting as the chief facilitator of the conservative agenda. After asking Lewis whether he wants to pay his respect in the White House, the president said: “No, I will not go. No. “Trump and Lewis had a hard disagreement. But election rival Joe Biden came to Rotunda with his wife Jill.

Texas congressman Sheila Jackson wears a ‘Good Problem’ face mask on the Rotunda of the US Capitol. Photo: Rex / Shutterstock
Guests arriving on Monday sat physically distant from each other, and some wore face masks with the famous “Good problem” phrase taken from Lewis’ reputation: “Never be afraid of making noise and being in good trouble, the necessary problem. ”

With a mask of the US flag put on his neck, wearing black, Pelosi paid tribute to his lifelong struggle for discrimination and race justice. “At Congress here, John was respected and loved on both sides of the corridor, on both sides of Capitol,” he said. “We always knew you were working with the angels – and now we know he’s with them.”

As if he was standing in the room, he said: “It is my personal privilege for me to give my dear colleague to the distinguished gentleman of Georgia, Congressman John Lewis.”

Rotunda was silenced while the familiar, fiery sound echoed once again. In the recording, Lewis said: “As youth, you have to understand that there are forces that want to take us to another period. But you have to say we won’t come back, we’ve made a lot of progress

Wintley Phipps sings during the commemoration of the late congressman John Lewis. Photo: Matt Mcclain / AFP / Getty Images
“There may be some setbacks, some delays, some disappointments, but you should never, never give up or give up. You must keep your faith and keep your eyes under the reward. This is your call, this is your duty, this is your moral obligation, this is your duty. ”

After the applause, an amazing Grace interview was made by singer and educational activist Wintley Phipps. Wreaths were thrown in front of public views about the Capitol steps that Vice President Mike Pence would take.

John-Miles Lewis stood before his father’s casket. Pelosi, a Catholic, made the sign of the cross and blew a kiss to this lion of the “greatest generation” of the civil rights struggle – a generation now slipping away.

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