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Who is Jasmine Daniels (Mom Shot Toddler Daughter to Death) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Arrested

Jasmine Daniels, 22, is charged with first-degree reckless homicide in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Zymeiia Stevens.

Jasmine Daniels (Mom Shot Toddler Daughter to Death) Bio – Jasmine Daniels (Mom Shot Baby to Death) Wiki

Jasmine Daniels, 22, is charged with first-degree reckless homicide in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Zymeiia Stevens.
Milwaukee police say Stevens was killed in a shooting near 105th and Daphne Tuesday night, July 21 around 7:23 p.M. The victim was pronounced dead while being transported to the hospital by the Milwaukee Fire Department.
According to the criminal complaint, Daniels initially told investigators she was walking outside with Stevens when she heard three to four gunshots and Stevens began “leaking” and was screaming. Police say Daniels changed her story and said her three-year-old son allegedly shot Stevens on accident when she wasn’t looking. Daniels told investigators, “he didn’t mean to do it”, when she blamed her son. According to Daniels, only the three of them were in the basement at the time of the shooting.
When Daniels refused a detective consent to search the resident for the gun, she was taken into police custody for obstruction, according to the complaint.
Jasmine Daniels ran from her home on July 21 with a young child in her arms. A witness saw a male later exit the residence with a gun in his waistband and drive away in a four-door sedan.
First responders arrived at the home and began life-saving measures on 2-year-old Zymeiia Stevens, but the little girl died while en route to Children’s Wisconsin. When police questioned Daniels, she reportedly claimed that she was outside when her 3-year-old son found a gun in the basement, picked it up, and accidentally shot the 2-year-old.
An autopsy revealed that the 2-year-old girl had four firearm injuries caused by a single bullet, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
A witness was reported to have seen the police leaving the residence after shooting with a gun in his waist belt before getting in a silver four-door car.
Daniels said that Stevens and his anonymous 3-year-old son were in the basement during the police investigation that night in the hospital. WITI said he ran there after hearing “shots” from three to four shots and screams of his daughter.
In a subsequent interview, he said that he was in the basement with the two children and that the weapon he had for protection was on a table there. He said that when he heard the gunshots, he shifted his attention for about two minutes and looked back to find 3-year-old crying and 2-year-old bleeding. “He didn’t want to do this,” said Daniels.
Daniels was arrested on Sunday (July 26th) on charges of first-degree reckless murder against the $ 100,000 bond. The first court appearance was planned on August 2. Wisconsin online court records show that Daniels has no criminal history.
When a detective asked Daniels to confirm that he was looking for the gun in his house, he refused and said that it would not be inside the dwelling.
The police then received a search warrant for the home and found a pill bottle that looked like cocaine, a bullet on the wall, a Glock magazine, a cocaine smell, a scale, and lots of cell phones.
During a later interview, Daniels was allegedly not cooperating and refusing to recognize others living at home. During another interview, he changed his story and said that, according to Fox 6, he was with the kids when he saw that his daughter was last accidentally hitting her.
Daniels then changed his story again and said that a man in the house was cleaning the gun while the children were playing in the same room. He reported that the man’s cleaning of a gun very close to his children did not bother him. Then the gun got emptied, Daniels said.
Immediately after the shot, the man ran out of the house with a gun while he took his daughter and went out. However, when the investigators examined the security footage from abroad, they determined that he was lying. Security footage did not show a man entering or leaving the building during shooting.
During a subsequent interview, Daniels remained uncooperative and said a man named “Eddie”, who at that time was wearing all black clothes, shooting and running the toddler. Although it was said in the security footage that no one matched his story, Daniels admitted that until July 23, he accidentally shot his story in another interview, the toddler who accidentally shot the toddler.
“I did it by mistake,” Daniels said when he was discharged that he was playing with a gun.
The 3-year-old boy told the police that “Nuk-Nuk”, named after Daniel, harmed the child.
Daniels was arrested and charged with first-degree reckless murder.

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