How to Impress Your Partner if There’s Age Difference

How to Impress Your Partner if There’s Age Difference

Attractive mature women often date younger men because they can. Why shouldn’t they be with someone much younger when such relationships give many benefits to cougars. The first one, magnificent sex with young guys who don’t have problems dealing with gravity. The second benefit is bargaining in front of their friends. But the third is even better. Being desired by young men is the source of confidence. However, attractive ladies have insecurities too. Those insecurities show while dating online, hooking up, and in long-term relationships. Despite so much to offer, mature ladies can’t be sure their younger partners won’t leave when they meet young girls. That makes cougars send silly photos on online dating sites. They do kinky stuff at hookups and in relationships to show they can compete with younger models. All of that to impress their partners. But is that the right way? Can mature women do something else to show their value while dating? That’s partly a good strategy, but partly it isn’t. Doing everything to impress someone is a sign of low self-esteem, so cougars have to balance being ladies and naughty beasts. Seven tips below help with that. It doesn’t matter if a woman is looking to start a relationship online, hooking up with guys, or has one guy. The tips below help in every situation.


Treat Yourself Online to Boost Self-Esteem


Those who aren’t impressed by themselves can’t impress anyone else. It doesn’t mean hot women should walk around like they are better than everybody else. It means cougars should be aware of their value. Breakups, divorces, and other life obstacles hurt ladies and make them feel unwanted. That causes them to lose dignity when they start a relationship. To prevent that from happening, hot ladies can use casual dating sites to shower in compliments. It’s even better to choose a site specialized in connecting older women with younger men. That ensures ladies will get compliments from guys they want to date. And, they can start seeing someone. Stories like that are nothing new on LuvCougar because it’s a platform for casual dating where age difference is a plus. Mature women are relaxed there because they know men want older partners. It’s almost impossible to have low self-esteem with dozens of flirty messages in your inbox. Impressing partners becomes a piece of cake after such an ego boost.


Don’t Try to Act Like Age Doesn’t Exist!


Trying too hard is a trap that gets many mature women in relationships with younger men. Being with someone much younger sometimes makes older people do things they’d never do on their own. At first, that seems fun, and men may be excited about the youth running through the veins of their partners. But mature women shouldn’t forget that younger men choose them because of their age. Acting like age doesn’t affect them is a mistake mature ladies make, instead of wearing their years with pride.


Don’t Expect to Have the Last Word Because of Age


On the other side of the spectrum is another habit that causes younger men to run from their mature partners. Even if they don’t leave, they won’t be happy in a relationship like that. When a mature woman enters a relationship and expects a guy to listen because she’s older, she isn’t looking for a date. She’s looking for someone to take care of and make all the decisions for them. You know, like moms do for their little sons.


Don’t Hide Your Hobbies


It doesn’t mean a lady can’t enjoy playing video games with aquatic themes because she’s over 40. Or she doesn’t have to know how to knit because of her age. We all have things that make us happy. Those things are parts of us. Hiding a hobby or passion for anything in a relationship isn’t the way to impress the partner. There aren’t hobbies for old and young; hobbies are for everyone. So cougars in serious relationships shouldn’t keep any activities secret.


Show Experience When Needed


Young men like older women because they have a lot of experience in many areas. After the door closes behind a cougar and her partner, she should show all of her skills.


Be Spontaneous


Nobody wants to date someone boring. Binge-watching TV shows is good, but it has to be cut with some spontaneous activities. Going for a fun weekend together to the countryside. Visiting the new bar on the other end of the city. Or anything that will shake up the relationship is good for impressing young men.


Don’t Use “Back in My Time”


That sentence almost makes younger generations throw up. We hear it from everyone. Young men don’t want to feel like they’re dating their grandmas, aunts, or moms. They want ladies aware of their age but not obsessed with it. In such relationships, partners feel equal and know what they bring to the table.


Cougars are living at the best age ever for dating younger men. That kind of dating became a trend for many mature ladies and young guys. There are numerous specialized dating sites where ladies can meet boys. But cougars need to keep the tips above in mind after starting a relationship to impress young studs.