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Who is Hannah Potts (Fake Abduction) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter, Kidnapped?

Hannah Potts is an Indiana woman who went missing on July 24, generating national attention. Her family is now accusing the 23-year-old of faking her own abduction.

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Hannah Potts is an Indiana woman who went missing on July 24, generating national attention. Her family is now accusing the 23-year-old of faking her own abduction.
The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office announced July 26 on Facebook that Potts, a county resident, was found “in no distress.” She was last seen around 2 a.M. Near her home on Friday morning, according to the Courier & Press.
News of Potts’ disappearance assumed viral visibility last week, sparking involvement from the FBI, Eyewitness News reported.
FacebookScreenshot of the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office statement.
Potts’ sister Brittany Schonaman, who initially reported on social media that her sister was kidnapped, is now accusing Potts of fabricating the incident for attention.
Schonaman expressed on Facebook that her family is “extremely embarrassed and hurt” by Potts’ actions.
Stating that her sister was kidnapped on social media, Potts’ sister, Brittany Schonaman, now accuses Potts of producing the event for attention.
Schonaman said on Facebook that his family was “extremely embarrassed and damaged” by Potts’ actions.
“I do not refuse my sister forward or do nothing. He died for me. I hope he will be prosecuted until the end of the law. ”
Gibson County Sheriff Timothy Bottoms confirmed with Potts on July 27 that Potts “left his will.”
“Found it, fine,” he wrote in a statement.
The office did not indicate whether Potts was being investigated for a potential crime.
True Crime Society posted an apparent leaked recording of the video.
In the roughly six-minute audio clip, a person believed to be Potts claims she was kidnapped by a Black man in a “maroon car:”
Mom are you there? Hello? Mom if you can hear me please say something. I really need to hear your voice. Somethings happened. I was out taking those pictures of the animals and this guy came out of nowhere. It was the same guy I saw yesterday morning in the maroon car. He grabbed me, he pushed me into the trunk. Oh god. Where is he gonna take me? Mom please. Think Hannah, think. He um… He’s black, he’s about um, Jerry’s height, Jerry I work with. He’s, he’s.. He um… his voice is deep and kind of the way he called me ‘baby girl’ sent shivers down my spine, I don’t like it. Please mom, if you’re there can you please say something to me? I’m in a room… there’s a little light, four room, four walls… and uh I don’t think they know I have the phone so you gotta tell, you gotta tell the cops everything that, you gotta show them this video so maybe they can find me and um I don’t know where he uh, where did he say, he said something about Ohio.
Family Members Are Now Accusing Potts of a Hoax
Schonaman took to Facebook on July 26 to publicly accuse her sister of faking the kidnapping for attention. She claimed that Potts lied about “everything” and planned the hoax for “awhile” — adding that it was “for a novel she is writing.”
She indicated Potts is refusing to contact her family:
We do not know where she is currently staying. She refused to let us know, and police by law can’t tell us due to her being an adult. She also wants no contact with any of her family, but to let us know she was safe. So nice of her, right.
In another post, Schonaman apologized on behalf of her sister for falsely accusing a person of color.
“I pray no black man with a maroon colored car was targeted due to her blatant lie,” she wrote.
Police have not provided additional information regarding how Potts was found.

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