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How to Find a Car’s Owner by VIN Number?

How to Find a Car’s Owner by VIN Number?

Do you want to find the owner of a vehicle through a VIN but have no idea where to start? There are various ways of accomplishing this depending on the details you want. You may decide to find where the car was registered. 

However, there is a quick way to find the owner of a car using its VIN. With the right online VIN decoder, you can quickly search vehicle ownership through its VIN. Read on to learn how to find a car’s owner by VIN. 

What is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

A VIN consists of 17 alphanumeric characters that contain details about a particular vehicle. These details include country of origin, model, and other vehicle specifications. It is usually by motor vehicle departments and insurance companies to track vehicle data. 

How to find a car’s owner using VIN with VinPit

With VinPit, you get an online resource to do VIN check. The platform lets you do a vehicle owner lookup. This ensures you do not buy a stolen car and so provides you with a sure way to protect yourself. 

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Below are the simple steps involved when looking up the owner of a car using its VIN. 

Step 1: Find the VIN of the vehicle. You can find it on the driver’s side where the dashboard meets the windscreen. Also, you can locate it on the driver’s door where it latches. 

Step 2: Once you have the VIN, visit the official VinPit website. Provide the VIN in the search bar then hit the Start Search button. 

Step 3: Give the tool a minute to search and collect all the details about the vehicle. After collecting the details, VinPit will provide you with a report that includes the car’s ownership history among other details. 

With VinPit you get access to a car’s past giving you information that may not be available otherwise. As you find the owner of the car using VIN, you will discover much more

Why search for a car owner using VIN?

The process of searching for a car owner using VIN lets you access the entire backstory of the vehicle. Anything less would be unacceptable especially when thousands of dollars are on the line. 

There are various reasons you should search for a vehicle with its VIN. For instance, some unscrupulous sellers may try to pawn a stolen car. Also, they can mischaracterize it or try to conceal its previous accident or damage. 

As well, some cars that have special titles like taxis and police cars get a lot of abuse. So, it may not be possible to get the whole story by reading the odometer. 

However, by taking time to do a VIN check, you will get comprehensive answers to your questions. If you are buying a used car, take time to do a VIN owner lookup as a safety measure. 

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What a vehicle history report shows

The obvious detail you get by doing a vehicle owner lookup using VIN is a list of its previous owners. However, that is the tip of the iceberg. The report generates a lot of valuable details when you do the VIN check. 

Below are some of the details you get when you do a car owner lookup by VIN

1. Outstanding liens

Apart from knowing the owner, VinPit will let you know if the vehicle has outstanding liens. This way, you will establish if the owner has an outstanding debt on the vehicle. 

If the car has a lien, it indicates someone owes money on the car and may result in repossession in the future. So, doing a VIN check will save you headaches. 

2. Odometer discrepancies 

The report will show if the odometer has been tampered with. Some car dealers tend to roll back the odometer to increase the value of the car. When you do a VIN check you get to establish any discrepancies with the readings. 

3. Insurance claims

A VIN check will let you know if the car you are looking at has had any insurance claims. Better still, you will know if the car has a history of total loss claims. 

You should not purchase a vehicle without getting access to vital details. It is the only way you will come across something a dealer may wish to conceal. So, without finding the car owner through VIN, you may not know it has an outstanding lien. 


To get detailed information about a vehicle, you can search its owner by VIN. It is a fast and effective way of doing a car’s owner lookup. It is a sure way of buying a safe car that matches everything the seller claims. 

After getting the report, you can decide if it is safe to go ahead with confidence. 


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