Best Online Games with Aquatic Themes

Best Online Games with Aquatic Themes

Best Online Games with Aquatic Themes

Online games are so widespread and varied these days that there is almost no topic or theme existant on the planet that has not been covered by a certain online game, video game, or mobile game.

However, some worlds and environments are easier than others to bring to life on a screen. Typically, manmade environments like towns and cities are the easiest to recreate as their buildings and surrounds tend to be solid and it is easy to program how characters will react to such an environment.

Natural settings, though, are something altogether different because grasslands consistently shift with the wind, clouds pass over mountains and deposit snow, and oceans exert pressures and forces that scientists still do not fully understand, let alone online games developers. It is perhaps for this reason that games set in aquatic surrounds are not that common, with only the most daring games developers with environmentalist leanings being willing to go the extra mile to create a game that can accurately recreate the ocean, a river, or a pond. Here are some of the best online games out there that specialize in having aquatic themes.

All of these games take different approaches to capturing the majesty and wonder of some of the world’s deepest and most mysterious ocean habitats

Ecco the Dolphin Brought Gaming to the High Seas

It was the game that opened the eyes of gamers and developers to the idea that the ocean was indeed a viable setting for a video game. The game was originally created for the Sega Megadrive, Genesis, and Dreamcast consoles but it is still available today, via online game streaming sites such as Steam.

The layout of the game resembled a watery platformer but also involved many new dynamics that players had to keep in mind, such as Ecco needing to rise to the surface for air on occasion. There was also a distinct lack of fighting in the game, as instead Ecco went on a mission to be reunited with his lost pod. The game’s soundtrack is an ode to the ocean, which is a work of art in itself.

Slots at Home in the Ocean

Since the heady days of Ecco ruling the waves of ocean-bound games, there have been a whole host of new titles that have drawn inspiration from early console games. Some of these have included classic games like online slots with providers trying to cover as many themes as possible in their online gaming lobbies. Ocean themed games are no exception, with everything from Fishin Frenzy to Savage Shark to Big Blue Bounty plunging the depths for that marine aesthetic that so many gamers recognize and love. No doubt there will be plenty more aquatically

minded slot games being released in the future, especially as people become more conscious of how important ocean ecosystems are for the wellbeing of the wider world.

Matching Mother Nature for beauty is impossible for games developers to do, so many have turned instead to creating aquatically themed games with excellent, intuitive gameplay

More Exploration, Less Destruction

Another type of ocean-inspired game that is growing in popularity is that of the underwater exploration game, whereby players are able to discover a marine world with no mission objective or ticking timer to be found anywhere.

Games that fall into this relaxing and soothing category include the likes of Koral, Flow, and Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive, with the latter not actually requiring a gamer to do any hunting at all.

Modern Open World Wonders

Of course, all these small and compact games tend not to be the ones that take the entire internet by storm. To have such an impact these days it requires a game to offer up a vast open world experience and combine it with high octane action and adventure.

There are now ocean bound games that fit the bill such as BioShock 2, Abzu, and SOMA, all of which take differing approaches to keeping gamers who love underwater action riveted for hours on end.