free geoip Who is Anthony Ashan Stoutt Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Who is Anthony Ashan Stoutt Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Anthony Stoutt killed Rebeca and Sofia Davila outside their Overlook Road home after Rebeca had obtained a domestic-violence injunction against him

Anthony Ashan Stoutt Wiki – Anthony Ashan Stoutt Biography

Anthony Stoutt killed Rebeca and Sofia Davila outside their Overlook Road home after Rebeca had obtained a domestic-violence injunction against him. He fatally shot himself in North Florida late Wednesday.
LANTANA — Rebeca Davila sought a domestic-violence injunction in September against the boyfriend of her 19-year-old sister, Sofia.
The 20-year-old boy said, “I’m afraid of my trust because Anthony said he will kill anyone who gives a limiting order.”
On Wednesday morning, officials said 22-year-old Anthony Ashan Stoutt killed her sisters at her mother’s home in the Lantana area.
Authorities reported that Stoutt, a former Delray Beach high school trail with a history of domestic violence, was opened on Wednesday. He says he killed him near Augustine. Lawmakers chased Stoutt’s car in Interstate 95.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that it received two arrest warrants for first degree murder on Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon.
As of Wednesday, Stoutt was under the restriction order Rebeca Davila sought in September. He was also on probation after a different ex-girlfriend’s 2018 defeat and went to prison for violating that probation in December. He went out on July 3.
Palm Beach Post records tracker records and remembers Palm Beach County murder victims
Homes since June
According to their family and public Facebook pages, Sofia Davila worked in a Delray Beach restaurant and started taking classes at Palm Beach State College in December.
Rebeca, who also attended Palm Beach State, was a technician and model at the JFK North Medical Center in West Palm Beach. He had a three-year stationary boyfriend who lived with Davilas.
Gloria Davila, whose family comes from Guatamala, grew up in North Miami. He moved to Palm Beach County a few years ago and joined Palm Beach State.
“He wanted to get rid of all the madness and violence in MIami,” a model and business owner daughter, Jasmin Cadavid, who lives in Las Vegas told the Palm Beach Post on Thursday.
According to county real estate records, the mother bought the house from the 7900 Overlook Road block in June.
“My mom just wanted a house for the girls,” said Jasmin.
“They have finished decorating their rooms,” he said, and “were very happy to start this life.”
She said that when her sisters were killed, her mother was not at home but detailed.
At least one neighbor called officers at 9 o’clock. To report shouting on Wednesday, then “terrified” screams and then gun shots on Overlook Road just north of Mine Road. A neighbor went home and found women dead inside.
PBSO has not elaborated on killers so far.
Around 6pm. A St. The Johns County Sheriff’s Office report said on Wednesday that lawmakers were warned that officials in Volusia County had spotted the northward car at Interstate 95.
St. John’s lawmakers saw the car at 18:10. The southwest of Augustine and the tag confirmed. They followed this up to a speed of 90 mph for about 7 mph. Lawmakers in the north left “stop bars” to deflate the car’s tires, but the driver “aggressively” went around the sticks, then lost control and hit a guard rail.
Lawmakers said they heard a gunshot and that Stoutt was shot in the head. He flew to the Orange Park Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 8:15.
Protection requests
On September 17, Rebeca Davila requested action against Stoutt, on behalf of Sofia, which she said was afraid to do so.
According to court records, Circuit Judge Jessica Ticktin announced on October 2 that it was “effective until the court’s further decision”.
Rebeca wrote that in May 2019, Stoutt had followed Sofia and a friend in her car, and when they retreated to their home – wrote that Davilas lived on Delray Beach – the man went out with a hammer and thought they were “playing with them.”
Rebeca said that the man pushed him and broke the backlight of the car with a hammer.
Two weeks later, Rebeca wrote, Stoutt called Sofia and entered the Davila house uninvited. Another time, he said he had come to a public event and caught Sofia, then pushed Rebeca to the ground. He said he tried to punch him, but he missed it.
On 22 November, six weeks after the injunction was issued, Stoutt was charged with a battery after telling Sofia lawmakers holding his arm and throwing a water bottle. The arrest report found that she was still going to the man.
Prosecutors dropped these charges. However, the incident violated the three-year probationary terms released in January 2019 at a Boynton Beach restaurant in Stoutt, with a defensive agreement on a August 2018 attack on an ex-girlfriend – a different woman.
Hours ago, the woman had applied for court protection.
Witnesses told Boynton Beach police that when Stoutt came in, the woman received orders over the phone, hung up, and asked her to go out.
He ran into a bathroom and locked the door, but Stoutt kicked, threw it and started hitting. About 15 seconds later, a witness said, Stoutt set off.
The report stated that the woman had a swollen eye

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